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Communication on hazardous substances in articles

What is this web page about?

  • You are producing articles and want to inform your customers how they can use them safely?

  • You received information from your supplier that an SVHC is contained in an article and don’t know what to do now?

  • You have heard that you have to communicate on substances in the articles you produce or sell and want to find out more?

  • Here you find answers on your questions on “chemicals in articles” and get support for understanding and complying with the legal requirements

  • And you can find out, how to communicate best on substances in articles… .

Here, you can find information and practical help to

  • fulfil your REACH obligations on candidate substances in articles
  • give your customers the information they need to fulfil their legal obligations
  • ask your suppliers (only) for the relevant information on substances in articles
  • take full producer responsibility and to enable your customers to do so too,

Who is the website for?

This website is addressed to producers, importers and retailers of articles.

Formulators of mixtures which are intended to be used for the production of articles may also want to use the website to better understand the information needs of their customers.

What are articles?

Articles are all products or objects, the function of which is determined rather by its shape and structure than by its chemical composition. Examples of articles are: Table, wheel, radio, trousers, pencil etc. Products which are chemicals but no articles are e.g. sun cream (its bottle is an article), ski-wax, paints. If you are unsure if you produce, import or distribute articles, please consult the ECHA guidance document on substances in articles.

What support do I get?

You can

  • find out more about the requirements of substances in articles and what you can do to ensure your products are safe,
  • use an interactive tool to identify which information to communicate with whom,
  • download a guidance document on how to identify which information should be communicated for your articles,
  • download an overview of available communication tools on substances in articles,
  • read more in-depth information in a longer report.

What substances are relevant?

REACH only poses obligations on the so called “substances of very high concern (SVHC) on the candidate list”. For these substances you should check compliance and communicate, if you have to do so.

There are also other substances, which fulfil one or more of the properties of REACH Article 57 and they are therefore SVHC but they have not (yet) but may in the future be placed on the candidate list. You may want to include these substances in your checking, too.

Others substances may have hazardous properties which are not as severe as those of SVHC. Still they may cause risks to humans and the environment and, if they are in your articles, you should ensure that this is safe.