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Download of project documents

Please note: both documents have not been finally approved by the Federal Environment Agency and are therefore drafts.

Guidance on SVHC-communication in articles.

The guidance provides basic information and workflows on how to identify the communication needs regarding SVCH in articles for article producers and importers. Each step in the process is explained. As a result of using the guide, the user obtains a list of information that could be provided to the recipients of the article in order to ensure safe handling and use of the article and to enable taking full producer responsibility for the chemical safety.

Project report

The project report contains

  • an analysis of the communication obligations on SVHC in articles under REACH,
  • the information needs of the actors in the article supply chain,
  • an overview of existing tools supporting communication on substances in articles,
  • a concept on which information could be theoretically relevant for the communication on safe use of articles
  • a practical example for extensive SVHC communication and
  • proposals how communication on SVHC could be standardised.


SVHC-communicator Manual

Here you can find a short instruction on how to get started with the SVHC-communicator.